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Video Clips Worth Checking Out
A few added and removed every week
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Cell phone accident - (Humor) 10/13 big sandwich Soccer - (Funny)
Judging too quickly - (Humor) 10/13 A bladder Blood - (Cool)
Today is the Day - (Humor) 10/13 My Dad Dumass - (Humor)
Wingless - (Yikes) 10/13 Java, our dog Dogs (Humor)
Scorsese Seseme Street - (Humor) Elvis Pelvis Race ((Humor)
Osama Family Guy - (Humor) max imhoff Beach Pick-up (Humor)
She takes his Shorts - (Humor)
40 year old virgin
Root Beer Video (Humor)
Lotto Fantasy - (Humor) my black eye On Islamofacists ( Serious ) - (14.3 MB)
White and Nerdy - (Humor) Sugar, our rabbit Honda ( cool )
Reggae Dog - (Humor) A heart Pool
Helicopter Crash - (Scary)
Tech Support
Headless Act - (Cool)
howard Stern
Lingerie woman
Dr. Phil
Magic (cool)
Ellis, our cat
Shoe Morph
Catsro Beer (Humor)
Ninja of the night
Shoe slugs
Imagine winning - (Humor)
half a bison
Gags (5 megs)
Hi Jack - (Humor)
Second Wheel
Ice Scraping - (Funny) enriched uranium Kangaroo

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