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How do I navigate the homepage?

It’s simple. Mouse over the images to see headlines. Click on any one of the forty images to view more information.

What is an Echo?

An "Echo" is a mosaic of purposefully arranged images.

When are Echoes published?

Every Friday a new Echo is created representing the week’s news. News items are then updated during the week until the next Echo is published.

Is an online news site?

The Echoes on this site are meant to be viewed as news, commentary and art all wrapped together seamlessly in one interface.

The images are arranged with the goal of pointing out conceptually and visually interesting, thought provoking or revealing aspects of our culture. So in that regard, it is both a commentary and an art site. At the same time, each thumbnail image in an Echo represents a popular interest of Web surfers that week. Furthermore, when a visitor “mouses” over a thumbnail image a news headline appears. If the visitor is interested in a headline, clicking on the corresponding thumbnail reveals links to news, photographs or reference information on the clicked topic. With that said, it is also a news site.

Why was the site created?

The Weekly Echo was created to echo the collective mind of America through an interactive mosaic of the hottest interests of web surfers.

There is an intriguing aesthetic in how people use and interact with the web. It reveals a fascinating view of our culture. Independently, there seems to be absolutely nothing in common with the things people are searching for and viewing on the web, yet they are intimately connected in a way that defines the fabric of our culture.

What are people saying about the site?

“I love the site, have bookmarked it, and can’t wait each week to click each picture worth a thousand words.” Michael Isaacson, Hollywood composer for television and film

"It's amazing, intriguing and shocking (the linkage between the subjects). I feel this unique concept gives Internet journalism an advantage over the written one. " Motti Neiger, PhD, Communications and Journalism

“A very impressive site!” Art history professor Edward Shankin, a foremost authority on digital art and culture

“Fascinating!!” Professor Jerome Hausman, former director Ohio State University’s School of Art

"The website looks great and is a wonderful idea" President of the College of Art and Design in Vancouver and author of the book How Images Think

"very nice! Its one of those things that when encountered, one says to oneself; ' but of course thats the way it should have always been done!'" Uriel Levi, PhD, Multimedia/Instructional Technology

"A neat and marvellous website!" Wengao Huang, Professor of Scientific Visualization , China

“Thanks for the wonderful news absorption system. Great idea – all the news that fits the screen.” Wally Blum, New York

“Excellent site. A++ for organization and content.” Phil Hill, South Carolina

Who created the site?

Ari Alexenberg
Ari Alexenberg, a speck in the universe
from my house in New Hampshire, USA.

If you have more questions, contact Ari Alexenberg at:


Partial list of websites that selected the Weekly Echo as a cool site

veronica magazine

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