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What makes us click

The Weekly Echo has analyzed well over 100,000 image clicks on it's weekly image mosaics (also called Echoes, see front page) and the following patterns have been found. First, the obvious, any image associated with attractive woman whether it is a face, legs, mouth, stomach, or the whole body makes us click. Freaky, sensational or illicit subjects make us click. Not so obvious; men, fire, evil doers, political leaders and flowers don’t make us click. Dogs and birds no, pigs and cats sometimes, and snakes yes.

A score of 100 is average.

Flower Chinese Landscape
Score: 62 Score: 72

Tiger Woods Last Supper
Golfer Da Vinci's Last Supper
Score: 164 Score: 99

Every Echo consists of 37 images of which 34 are small squares and 3 are "double images" which are twice as big.

Double images of sexy woman scored well above average while a beautiful flower and landscape both scored well below average. Double images typically attract more clicks than their smaller square counterparts. Da Vinci's Last Supper scored a 99 which is significantly below average since it is a double image.
Score: 125

Scarlett Johansson Vanessa Minnillo
Actress Model
Score: 305 Score: 341

Jessica Alba JessicaSimpson
Actress Singer and Actress
Score: 430 Score: 261

Anna Benson
Savanna Samson
Nicole Narain
Model and pro athletes wife
Porn Star turned Wine Maker
Model and Actress
Score: 480
Score: 285
Score: 363

Joseph Estrada
Mike Wallace
Tom Delay
Randy McCloy Jr.
Renzo Blumenthal
Ex-Philipine President Television Correspondent US Congressman Sago Mine Survivor Mr. Switzerland
Score: 41 Score: 48 Score: 65 Score: 77 Score: 40

Audrey Tautou
Debra LaFave
Pamela Bach
Teacher had Illegal Sex with Minor
Score: 133
Score: 140
Score: 135
Score: 187
Young woman’s faces consistently scored above average while men’s faces scored below average. Younger men scored higher than older men and younger woman scored higher than older woman.

Keira Knightly
Sharon Stone
Score: 175
Score: 162
Score: 135
This set of images further illustrates the power of the feminine image. Kiera Knightley’s stomach, Sharon Stones legs and a woman’s smile all scored high.

Bin Laden
Charles Taylor
Kim Jong
Al Qaeda Leader Ex Liberian Warlord turned President North Korean Leader Iranian President Ex Iraqi President
Score: 91 Score: 62 Score: 110 Score: 46 Score: 35

Score: 56
Score: 98
Score: 54
World class evil doers (all men) typically scored below average with the exception of Kim Jong of North Korea. Saddam Hussein and Iran’s Ahmadinejad scored exceptionally low.

Condoleeza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld scored well below average with George Bush scoring an average 98.

Score: 59
Score: 67
Score: 82
Score: 64

Score: 167
Score: 100
Score: 100
Score: 97
Dogs, coyotes and birds did not muster very high interest while a pig, cat and fantasy rodent form the Ice Age movie came in average. Not much has changed since the Bible, when it comes to serpents they still captivate our attention.

Score: 48
Score: 78
Score: 57
Score: 61
These fiery thumbnail images show riots in France and Nepal and they all scored below average.

Score: 185
Score: 237
Freaky things are highly popular. A one eyed cat, a hirsute man and a furry lobster were all intriguing curiosities.

Coke vs. Pepsi
Britney Spears
Score: 188
Score: 204
Score: 272
The sculpture of Britney Spears giving birth was highly publicized and scored a whopping 272. The illicit marijuana plant also generated a high score. It is unclear why a can of Coke and a can Pepsi side by side scored so highly.

There is no rigorous statistical methodology used to generate this report. The clicks were simply tallied, the thumbnail images were categorized into groups and the the numbers calculated. Each Echo’s (weekly image mosaic) numbers were tallied separately, so the numbers in the report are in relation to other thumbnail images within the same Echo. There are a variety of variables beyond the visual appeal of images that could influence whether they are clicked on or not. A couple that come to mind are the position in the Echo and the news stories the thumbnail image represents. Also, each Echo contains three double sized thumbnails which often will generate more clicks due to the impact of the size. As for the gender or age of the Weekly Echo visitors, a survey has not been taken yet so the breakdown is unclear. Based on user comments and feedback approximately 60% are men. With that said, the numbers clearly demonstrate that there are certain types of images that are more intriguing than others. Some are obvious and some are not.

More on reading the scores
The number next to each image represents how many times the thumbnail image would be clicked if the average image in the Echo was clicked 100 times. For example, if image X has a number of 341, that means that if the average image within that particular Echo was clicked 100 times then image X was clicked 341 times.

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