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Add the Echo to your website or blog for free.

You have two options. One is is 380 pixels wide and 239 pixels high and the other is 170 pixels wide and 420 pixels high. The image and code combined equals approximately 65-70k. It's informative and aesthetic content for your blog or website updated weekly and it's free.

The "wide" Echo option looks like this

Placing one's mouse over the mini echo activates headlines. Clicking it will open up a new window to

The "long" Echo option looks like this

Auto Update Echo

Add the lines of code below (by cutting and pasting it) to your web page or blog if you want the Echo on your site to update automatically every week. If your blog does not accept Javascript (for example Blogger) then use the manual update code further below.

Wide Echo option code

Long Echo option code

Manually Update your Echo

If you want to include the Echo in your website or blog but don't want the Echo to automatically update every week, then use the code below (by cutting and pasting it). Whenever you want to add the current Echo into your site simply use the code below.

Another reason to use the code below is if your blog will not accept Javascript.

Wide Echo option code

Long Echo option code

If you have comments or questions, send email to



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